Totally Hopeless at Cooking? Professional chef? 7 Cultural Cooking Classes Around the World

1. Cheese-making Class in Florence - Italy

Love cheese? Learn to make cheese from scratch with a professional cheese taster in Florence! You will be able to learn about Italy's cheese-making traditions as well as taste a variety of cheeses from different regions.

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2. Kyoto sushi-making Class - Japan

Learn from a professional instructor to make makizushi, which is rolled sushi with dried seaweed. After a demonstration, you'll be able to choose your desired ingredients and try to make the sushi rolls yourself! Then, enjoy your self-made sushi rolls for dinner. Delicious!

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3. Traditional Polish Cooking Class in Warsaw - Poland

In a four-hour cooking class, learn about traditional Polish cuisine, try local meats, cheeses, breads, and desserts, listen to the history of Polish cuisine, and cook and eat some traditional Polish food. You'll be making two different types of pierogis and another classic dish, such as buckwheat pancakes with salmon or white sausage.

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4. Cultural Cooking Class in Singapore - Singapore

Have you heard of laksa or Hainanese chicken rice? Learn to make these types of scrumptious, typical Singapore-style dishes in a fun and exciting three-hour cooking class. In this class, you'll learn how to recreate these dishes from local chefs.

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5. Boozy 7-Recipe Brazilian Cooking Class - Brazil

Follow seven beloved Brazilian recipes during this four-hour cooking class. You'll learn how to make five traditional dishes as well as two delicious drinks. Whether you're an absolute novice at cooking or a seasoned professional chef, take this cooking class to learn more about Brazilian cuisine and take away a few coking tips that you can use in your kitchen at home.

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6. Portuguese Cooking Experience in Lisbon - Portugal

Work with a Portuguese chef to create a three-course meal, including fish, meat, and dessert. You'll learn basic cooking techniques as well as the correct way to prepare the ingredients for the dishes that you'll be making. Bonus: sample wine and olive oil as you cook!

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7. Empanada Making, Steak, Wine, Alfajores, and Mate - Argentina

Learn how to prepare all aspects of a typical Argentine meal. Make empanadas, prepare what many believe to be the best steak in the country, and make Argentina's most popular drink (mate) and dessert (alfajores).

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