3 Must-dos in Spain for Food and Drink Lovers

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

1. Learn to cook paella from a professional chef.

Paella is a regional rice dish, originating in the Valencia region of Spain. You've probably heard of it before or even tried it, but have you made it? Try your hand at cooking this delicious dish.

Check out the tour here.

2. Participate in a pub crawl.

Discover nightlife in various Spanish cities, spend time in locals' favorite spots, and meet locals and travelers alike. Find out for yourself how the Spanish spend their nights.

Check out the tour here.

3. Take a tapas tasting tour in Seville.

Want to try a little bit of everything? Tapas are for you, then. With small portions of any kind of Spanish cuisine, tapas is the perfect way to explore the culture of a new place and to try new foods.

Check out the tour here.

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