4 Ways to Have an Authentic Italian Travel Experience

1. Learn to paint in Rome.

Paint with an instructor while sipping on some fine Italian wine. Gain a new skill while enjoying your evening - what a perfect way to spend a night in Rome.

Check out the tour here.

2. Visit a chef's home.

Learn how to make hand-made pasta while picking up some cooking tips that you can apply to your own cooking. Not only will you have the chance to experience an Italian chef's home, you'll also be able to eat delicious pasta - made by you!

Check out the tour here.

3. Taste delicious, fresh cheese.

Curious about how your favorite snack is made? Learn about the cheese-making process in Italy.

Check out the tour here.

4. Take a truffle hunting tour.

Go truffle hunting in the Tuscan woods with an expert truffle hunter and learn about the ritual of truffle hunting.

Check out the tour here.

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