8 Unique Gastro Experiences Around the World

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

1. Paris Dinner with Parisian Hosts

Meet Parisian hosts and share dinner with them in their homes. Discover how a Parisian lives, have authentic French food, learn more about French culture, and maybe even begin a new friendship!

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2. The Classic Budapest Gastro Experience with Wine Tasting

Take a walking tour of Budapest and discover some of the traditional ingredients used to make Hungarian cuisine! Taste some of Hungary's traditional foods (including desserts), visit some hidden spots in Budapest, and learn about history, Hungarian culture, and Hungarian cooking habits. End the tour with a taste of three delicious Hungarian wines.

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3. High Line Park and Greenwich Village Food Tour

The High Line and Greenwich Village, two attractions of New York City that you've surely heard of. But if not, don't worry! On this walking tour, first learn about how an abandoned elevated railway line was transformed into a park, then cross into Greenwich Village. This charming part of Manhattan is uncharacteristically non-gridded, so wind through the Village while eating a slice of real New York pizza, sampling other foods from specialty shops, and discovering underground jazz clubs and independent bookstores alike.

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4. Traditional Food and Wine Tour from Barcelona

On this day trip from Barcelona, sample wine and cheese in a stunning medieval farmhouse overlooking the mountains, visit a former monastery to try local delicacies like home-cured meats, and arrive at another farm, where you will have the opportunity to try different olive oils and enjoy a traditional Catalan lunch. Finish off the day by taking guided tour of a winery, where you'll be able to try cava (Spanish sparkling wine) and wine. This day trip is the perfect way to get away from the city for a day and indulge in delicious cheese, food, and wine.

Check out the tour here.

5. Kyoto Cooking Class, Sake Tasting, and Nishiki Food Market Walking Tour

Explore Nishiki Food Market on this tour. There, your guide will also introduce you to some of the ingredients that you will be using later in the day to cook. Your guide will also show you some local produce and spices. Wind through some of Kyoto's narrower streets to find local, unique shops and a former sake brewery, where you will be able to try some sake while learning about how it is made. After making your way to a traditional wooden townhouse, you will learn how to prepare a traditional Japanese meal.

Check out the tour here.

6. Guided Reykjavik Museum, Food, and Drink Walking Tour

Get off the beaten path and visit places that are loved by locals. Try masterfully made cinnamon rolls from the bakery, taste Icelandic meats and cheeses, visit a fun museum, and sit down by the old harbor to delight in the fish of the day, dessert, and beer.

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7. Krakow Evening Food Walking Tour

If you're a foodie, this walking tour of Krakow is perfect for you. To start off, unearth Poland's rich culinary history and customs as you try oscypek (smoked cheese made from salted sheep's milk), pierogies (stuffed dumplings), and other snacks at the Small Market Square before migrating to the Main Market Square, where you'll have the chance to try even more traditional foods. Have some Krakovian soup and drink some authentic Polish beer before heading to Kazimierz, another district in Krakow. There, you'll be able to try a shot of "bison grass" vodka, a specialty from Poland. This walking tour is perfect for those of you who love trying all sorts of food while learning a little bit more about the culture of a place.

Check out the tour here.

8. Copenhagen Food Tour

Your first time in Copenhagen? Or a Scandinavia veteran? Either way, have a look into Scandinavia through this Copenhagen food tour. Discover fresh produce and scout out locals' favorite eateries and market halls. Sample different Scandinavian snacks such as artisan cheeses, organic ice cream, home-brewed beer, open rye-bread sandwiches, and more. Look into Danish culture through its cuisine, history, and evolution throughout the ages.

Check out the tour here.

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