7 Hikes You Must Take if You Love Adventure

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

1. Figure 8 Pools Hike and Royal National Park Tour from Sydney - Australia

Hike Royal National Park, the world's 2nd oldest national park. Reach the famous Figure 8 pools and snap a picture for the 'gram. Afterwards, go swimming and spot animals native to Australia. Have a fun, adventure-packed day on this hike and get your exercise in while you're at it!

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2. Banff National Park Guided Hike with Lunch - Canada

Hike in Banff or Lake Louise in Alberta and enjoy the fresh, crisp air of Canada. With hikes of different difficulty levels, it doesn't matter if you're an absolute beginner of a seasoned hiker - you can enjoy the views of the Canadian rockies on this hike no matter what.

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3. Torres del Paine Mountains Advanced Hike - Chile

For all of you advanced hikers out there looking for your next one-day adventure, this 14-hour hike is the one for you. Hike to the base of the famous Torres del Paine in the Chilean Patagonia, exercising not only your legs but also your eyes as you take in the breathtaking sights around you.

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4. Humantay Lake Day Hike - Peru

On this full-day adventure, leave from Cusco and hike to Humantay Lake, a mass of magical turquoise surrounded by mountainous peaks. Once you reach the lake, relax, enjoy a snack, and even go swimming in the lake - if you're feeling brave. The Humantay Lake Day Hike is a difficult but rewarding hike, built for those who are up for the challenge.

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5. Rio Celeste Waterfall Hike - Costa Rica

Hike through the jungle of Tenorio Volcano National Park, arriving upon Rio Celeste's beautiful turquoise tone and falling waters. Learn from your guide about how and why the water turns turquoise at Los Teñideros, where the two rivers merge. Soak in Costa Rica's beauty on your hike through this National Park.

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6. Table Mountain Hikes - South Africa

With routes available for hikers of all skill levels, you're sure to be able to enjoy your hike up Table Mountain in South Africa. Get ready for an exciting and adventurous day or half-day hike, in which you'll be able to see some of South Africa's most stunning sights.

Check out the tour here.

7. Landmannalaugar Hot Springs and Hike in the Highlands - Iceland

Landmannalaugar is one of the most highly photographed regions in Iceland, and there's no wonder why. On this hike, photograph some of the most colorful mountains in the world and take a dip in a natural hot spring before continuing West toward Hekla, Iceland's most famous volcano.

Check out the tour here.

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