10 Bar Crawls Around The World You Must Try

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

1. NYC Speakeasy Walking Tour - United States

Be led by a local guide through some of New York City's most secretive speakeasies. Skip the lines, sip on some craft cocktails, and learn a little bit about the unique history of prohibition in the United States.

Check out the tour here.

2. The Dublin Whiskey Trail - Ireland

Ireland - known for its shamrocks and its whiskey. What better way to spend a night in Dublin than on a whiskey trail of some of the most famous pubs in the world? Enjoy handpicked, unique Irish whiskeys as you relax in an Irish pub. Get a taste of Ireland - literally.

Check out the tour here.

3. Tokyo Pub Crawl - Japan

Soak up Tokyo's lively nightlife on this tour of at least four different bars or clubs! This pub crawl is perfect for the solo traveler looking to meet others as well as for groups to have a smashing time. Free shots are included at each bar, so this pub crawl is a fantastic way to explore Tokyo's nightlife on a budget.

Check out the tour here.

4. Bavarian Beer and Food Tour in Munich - Germany

Discover German beer in Munich, the beer capital of the world. Learn how beer is brewed and listen to the story of how German beer came to be the best in the world while sampling some of the tastiest traditional Bavarian foods.

Check out the tour here.

5. Budapest Ruin Bar Walk - Hungary

What's a "Ruin Bar"? Find out on this tour over a few drinks and learn about how ruin bars have become cultural hubs that have changed the neighborhood since the 2000s. Not only is this tour a great way to explore some of the locals' favorite spots, it's also a unique opportunity to learn more about Budapest's history.

Check out the tour here.

6. Belgian Beer Tasting in Brussels - Belgium

Discover why Belgium is so well-known around the world for its craft beers and learn from your guide, a beer expert, about how Belgian beer can be discerned by taste from beers produced in other countries. Enjoy a Trappist ale, try traditional Belgian brews at a bar, and stop at a popular local hangout spot.

Check out the tour here.

7. Toronto Beer Tour - Canada

Take a walking tour of Old Toronto, discovering beer's role in its history. Focusing on Canadian craft beers, this tour will take you to three classic pubs, all with different selections of local craft beers. To top it off, the tour will also stop at the beloved St. Lawrence Market, where you'll be able to sample some of Toronto's specialties.

Check out the tour here.

8. Auckland Craft Beer Walking Tour - New Zealand

Although New Zealand is best known for its wines, there's no shortage of beer, either. On this three-hour walking tour of Auckland, you'll be able to try your share of delicious craft beers, visit historical pubs and brewhouses, head to trendy, modern bars, and taste beers at each venue, all the whole learning a little bit about Auckland's history and architecture.

Check out the tour here.

9. Pub Crawl in Madrid - Spain

On this pub crawl, experience the high energy apparent in Madrid. Explore the city's nightlife, meet fellow travelers and locals, and discover some of Madrid's best bars and clubs (all with free admission as part of the pub crawl)! Unearth Madrid's abundance of bars and clubs at night after a day exploring the beautiful city.

Check out the tour here.

10. Singapore Pub Crawl - Singapore

Check out Singapore's bustling and exciting nightlife scene on this tour of four bars and one club! Free drinks are included. Meet other travelers and some locals, or enjoy a night out with your friends.

Check out the tour here.

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