5 things you should know before going to Iceland

1. It’s Expensive

Sure you’ve seen the ads by budget airlines offering a $350 round trip airfare, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s going to be a cheap vacation. Iceland is very expensive everything from hotels, taxis, car rental, tours, restaurants and even gas. Most travelers are shocked when they arrive, so book in advance, and do some research and planning on what to expect.

2. BUT, grocery shopping is pretty affordable

In spite of what we just said about Iceland being expensive, this doesn’t apply to groceries. The stores often have great produce, and you can even get caviar and delicious smoked salmon at a reasonable price. If you are on budget, prepare your own sandwiches and snacks before hitting the road. Check out Bonus--it’s an awesome grocery store because it’s cheap and has good quality eats.

3. The Weather is Precarious

Cold to windy, to sunny, to rainy and gloomy. All of this can be experienced over a course of a few hours. Prepare accordingly.

4. BYOT (Bring Your Own Towel)

There are a bunch of amazing natural hot springs to conquer, but they usually aren’t set up with changing rooms and the sort; there also isn’t usually a specific entrance, so don’t spend time roaming around trying to find one. Pack your bathing suits with a towel and flip flops. You might want to consider getting a microfiber towel--they’re small and dry quickly.

5. Blue Lagoon

You’ve probably been told to check out the Blue Lagoon, it’s likely to be on every visitors to-do list. But be warned, you can’t just walk-in, so don’t just turn up and be shocked if you get turned away. Spots actually get filled up pretty fast, so try and book a couple weeks in advance.


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